Cola & Jimmu play at Rockfestari Naamat, 24.07.2015

  • Date: 24/07/2015
  • Location: Muurame, Finland
  • Venue: Cola & Jimmu at Rockfestari Naamat, Tuomiston Tila
  •  Sold Out

Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor aka Cola & Jimmu, play at the notorious and popular underground festival Rockfestari Naamat on 24th of July, 2015 at Tuomiston Tila in Muurame. Willis & Tenor will play tracks from their releases Enigmatic and I Give To You My Love And Devotion, 2013, 2014 released on Herakles Records.

Be prepared for lots of surprises!

Check the Rockfestari Naamat website

As the prior years have shown, the tickets for Rockfestari Naamat are sold out. For those who snapped up the tickets, welcome to the party!