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Nicole Willis to record new music with UMO, Pete Toikkanen and Jimi Tenor for Herakles Records

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The material especially composed for UMO Jazz Orchestra by Nicole Willis, Pete Toikkanen and Jimi Tenor is set for recording this month (March 2016) at the Yle Studios in Ilmala, Helsinki. Arrangements for the big band were done by Jimi Tenor. The material is scheduled to be released as an album on Herakles Records in 2017.

Nicole Willis, Pete Toikkanen and Jimi Tenor performed 10 songs with UMO Jazz Orchestra on 18 February, 2016 to an audience at the Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. Unfortunately, because of a miscommunication, audiences were expecting a 2 hour set.

Nicole Willis, Pete Toikkanen, Jimi Tenor and UMO Jazz Orchestra extend their apologies about any misleading information about the event.

Five tracks of the material are songs composed by Willis, Toikkanen and Tenor which take a different genre than that they are known for. Willis, whom previously tried her hand at spoken word on the Abdissa Assefa, Jimi Tenor release Itetune (Leatheries) revisits the genre with the track Still Got A Way To Fall. Other new tracks are Togetherness, No Child Denied, Haunted By The Devil and When We Go Down. Other material from the prior albums by Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators was arranged by Jimi Tenor for big band including their recent singles Let’s Communicate, Together We Climb and One In A Million (from Happiness In Every Style, Timmion Records 2015) as well a track from Tortured Soul; Break Free (Shake A Tailfeather)  and an unreleased track Everybody Do The Watusi.


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